Paris D. Wicker, Ph.D.

Higher Education Researcher | Comtemplative | Vocalist

Podcast: Supporting Black Students and Families in the College Admissions Process

April 09, 2024

Episode Description

We all do this work to best serve students - and this week we're holding a focused conversation on how we can best support Black students and families through the college admissions process.
The conversation starts with Katie Mathews, Professional School Counselor at Northside College Prep High School in Chicago, Illinois. Katie suggested this topic, and leads the conversation with insights and observations from working with students through the process.

Then, we have an absolute powerhouse in Dr. Paris Wiscker, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy at the State University of New York at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York. Paris recently published new research on well-being among students of color in the college admissions process.


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