Paris D. Wicker, Ph.D.

Higher Education Researcher | Comtemplative | Vocalist

Health Profiles of Black Women on the Tenure Track and Beyond

Principal Investigators: Dr. Bridget Goosby, (University of Texas, Austin) and Dr. Rachelle Winkle-Wagner (University of Wisconsin- Madison).

Some members of the qualitative team on the Health Profiles of Black women on the tenure-track project
Project Description: This mixed-methods study (funded by the Spencer Foundation) examines whether and how African American and Black women’s experiences in tenure-track positions in higher education affect their health. I (along with a team) am conducting and analyzing qualitative semi-structured interviews (N=54) with Black women faculty to explore the health and racial stress they experience as academics in higher education. Qualitative data will be integrated with survey and biomarker data to show how higher education shapes the health and well-being of Black women faculty, as well as how they cope, resist, and reclaim these spaces. I will also analyze social network data as part of a forthcoming mixed-methods paper on the social networks of Black women academics

Project role: Co-Investigator

Media About Project

Featured news article: Spencer Foundation grant allows UW–Madison researchers to build on study of health outcomes for Black women in academia (University of Wisconsin Madison- School of Education)

Publications (Forthcoming)


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